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There are thousands of websites out there that explain medical treatments.
There are hundreds of others that are scams that play on desperate people.
This website is dedicated to the idea that if you boost your immune system, your body might just be able to heal itself.
Secondly, that once in a while, miracles still do happen.

*** These are actual unsolicited testimonials in our files. They are not to be considered as a claim of medical efficacy and should be considered as anecdotal in nature. You should always consult your physician before beginning any treatment program. ***


When I first met my wonderful husband Don I was at an all time low health wise. I came down with Shingles in February and didn't receive the correct treatment which left me with a very long healing process (my shingles spread from my back down my left arm to my hand). Needless to say my immune system was greatly compromised; hence that's why I came down with the shingles in the first place. Months passed and I still had severe pain where I had the blisters from my shingles - it was a daily struggle for me. My Dr. put me on the lowest dose of amitriptyline to help me sleep and to try and stop the pain. I took the drug right before I'd go to sleep and I had lots of problems getting out of bed in the morning and it left me feeling bogged down all day. – I don’t know which was worse, the pain or feeling like a zombie all day.  I just didn’t feel like myself anymore, which is a terrible feeling.

On top of having the severe constant pain, I would catch every cold that walked in the door at work. I had a cold for 2-3 months. My colds never really went away and then it turned into Bronchitis. I would cough so hard I ended up getting a hernia. I also came down with appendicitis during this time. My body seemed to be shutting down. Then, I finally met Don, Praise God!!! Don informed me of two products called OPC3 and Ultimate Aloe and he thought I would greatly benefit from them. I was very skeptical and thought, "Yeah right, like these products are going to make me feel better!" But I felt like I had nothing to lose, the Dr.'s weren't seeming to find a solution for me so I may as well give this a try. After 2 weeks of taking high doses of the OPC's and Aloe I noticed that my shingles weren't hurting anymore - it was a great feeling - I had now been suffering from shingles for 9 months! My bronchitis, appendicitis, and hernia also were healed 100% after only about one additional month on the products, my health improved miraculously. I used to get 2 sinus infections each year and I have not had one since being on the OPC-3’s (going on 7 years now). If I ever come in contact with somebody that has a cold I take 4 caps immediately when I get home and I rarely get sick. I thank God everyday for his goodness to me - introducing me to my husband just in the nick of time, I'd hate to think of what my health would be like if I wouldn't have met Don and started taking these amazing products which have been life changing to me and my family. 

Immediately after I had my healing I became very excited and passionate about the health and wellness field.  Initially I was shocked to say the least.  I didn’t really think those 2 products would bring me such relief, but they did.  That was the day I became a believer in the isotonic form of supplementation.  The more research and studying I do, the more I feel it is crucial that we use a supplement to get the nutrients that we need on a daily basis. 

We’ve tried so many things throughout the years:  I always seemed to have harsh side effects from prescription drugs (read my other testimonials for the details).  We’ve also tried hundreds of dollars on various herbs to help in various situations but we never had results using herbs.  We also tried many other things that turned out to be useless in the end.

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