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*** These are actual unsolicited testimonials in our files. They are not to be considered as a claim of medical efficacy and should be considered as anecdotal in nature.***

Arthritis – Migraines – Colds – Mood Swings

Thank you!!! For the past 10 years I have been suffering with symptoms of arthritis, including pain and stiffness in my joints, especially in the early morning. When I would wake in the middle of the night to nurse my infant daughter, I would literally fall over from lack of flexibility in my ankle and toe joints. My hands and heels were swollen and in so much pain, it was difficult to type or do routine chores, or put any pressure on my feet, which made it almost impossible to walk! My mother suggested that I use the OPC-3, and although very skeptical, I began to take a double dose daily. Within 1 week, I noticed a remarkable difference, and within 3 weeks, I experienced no pain, whatsoever! I have now been taking the OPC-3 for 1 1/2 years, and have yet to experience any pain! I continue to take a double dose of the OPC-3 as well as the other Isotonic products which I firmly believe have led me to a significantly healthy lifestyle in where I have experienced no further migraines, colds, flu's, mood swings and much more.

You have made me feel like myself again!

Michelle Chauvette



Arthritis – Knee Pain

Yes, the Glucosatrin® did help my situation. I had gone to the doctor thinking that I was going to have another knee operation - my left knee was scoped a year ago - this time it was my right knee. He said that I had damaged the knee from my aggressive running program here in the mountains - Colorado. He suggested 4 Advil 3 times per/day.

After two weeks with no improvement I was worried that I might be causing problems to other organs in my body. I was talking to Don Wann (great name) who was also having knee pain and had just returned from a training with this new product "Glucosatrin®" I told him I would like to try it. I ordered a bottle and did the loading dose - in my case it was 2 tablets 3x's a day for 5 days, then 2 tablets 2x's a day for 4 days, and now 2 tablets a day.

This has taken place over the last 4 weeks and I tell you I am a believer in this product - I just started running again with no pain. Before starting this product I couldn't even step off the sidewalk with my right leg without lots of pain. I never offer products to any of my clients without testing them first myself and believe me I am really pushing "Glucosatrin®" now to all my friends that even hint at having pain in their knee's. Hope this helps!




Degenerative Arthritis

For eleven years I have been using an anti-inflammatory medication to relieve pain and strain of degenerative arthritis in my left knee caused from strain as a result of a weaker Polio stricken right leg. I am 71 years old this year.

A friend told me of the relief she received from OPC-3. I was skeptical at first and resisted taking it, but, faced with having blood tests every six months and the long-range side effects of NSAIDS, I started taking OPC-3 exclusively, and stopped taking NSAIDS immediately. On the eighth day, all the pain in my knee and sacroiliac was completely gone. After 11 years on NSAIDS this was a miracle. My hips are a bit stiff on getting up in the morning, but with movement it passes and I am able to continue with stretch exercises and water aerobics with no discomfort.

My husband also takes OPC-3 and has gone off NSAIDS completely. We are grateful to have learned about OPC-3. Our future well-being is now most promising because we love to travel and hope to continue for many years to come.

Elsie L. Hilsinger

Boulder City, Nevada



Chronic Arthritis

OPC-3 is the greatest product in our line! I have suffered from chronic arthritis for over a year. It has cost me thousands of dollars in medical treatment. My Rheumatologist is absolutely amazed that all the pain has left my arms and shoulders since I started on  OPC-3. Three days after I took four capfuls a day, all the pain ceased. Up until this time it would take 1 to 2 hours each morning to be able to use my arms.

I have been on a potent medication called Rheumatrex Methotrexate, which can have severe side effects. My blood had to be treated every 2 weeks until March and then once a month. When my doctor he wanted to know what I was doing different because my blood test came back perfect for the first time since treatment.

I told him I was taking OPC-3 and the positive effects I was experiencing and he was very pleased.

Lorraine Lilley



Arthritis – Bone Spur – Energy -- Colds

My daughter is a distributor for Market America products. She convinced me to try both the OPC-3 and Ultimate Aloe, and I'm glad she did.

I had been experiencing arthritic symptoms, as well as a painful bone spur on my heel. OPC-3 relieved my arthritis very quickly, and after 3-4 months, I realized that my heel was no longer painful. In addition, I generally feel better.

I have great faith in the Aloe as well. I belong to a large singing group and find I have more energy and stamina than many of the younger members, even after standing on risers all day at an intensive workshop.

All fall and winter many members were absent from rehearsals due to colds and the flu, while I have not missed a practice due to my health. My 10-year-old granddaughter found it very helpful for sore throats, etc. I would gladly recommend either of these products to anyone wanting to improve their general state of health.

Kay D.

Oxford, N.S.



Arthritis – Sinus -- Fatigue

I had come home from San Francisco from a 2 week training course for work and my back ached beyond belief. I went to the doctor thinking I had something like meningitis since the pain was so bad. He told me I have arthritis. He gave me a prescription for Relafen and sent me to therapy. As time when on I started to ached in the knees, hips, elbows and shoulders. I was very cautious to take the medication because it can cause gastrointestinal bleeding (all the anti-inflammatory medications cause that). I only took it when the pain was unbearable.

A friend came over with a bottle of OPC-3 and told me to take it and I would feel better. I was very doubtful about anything helping me. I tried it, thinking it can't make me worse than I already am. After a week I got a rash on my arms. I found out that the rash was a good thing, because my body was so polluted I was going through a detoxification. The second week I felt like I was 20 years younger. No more pain, I had energy, I felt so much better that I was able to enjoy myself and was happy again. I am capable of doing simple daily things that I couldn't do before. I told my husband that our friend who brought over the OPC-3 to our house that night is my angel. I feel as though he has saved my life and has given me a second chance. Now I also take Glucosatrin® which is an extra bonus for me. It helps lubricate the joints and rebuilds the cartilage. I have not had to take any medication. I am so glad about that because I was afraid of that medication causing even more serious problems for me. Actually I don't take any medication at all. Before I was taking sinus medications like crazy and wouldn't leave home without it. My sinuses were terrible. Now, like I said, I have no medications at all. No sinus problems, no achy joints, no more fatigue.

I thank my angel for giving me back my life again. I will always be grateful to him for bringing the OPC-3 to my house that night.

Krisann Grabka

E. Hartford, CT



Degenerative Arthritis

Yes I was diagnosed with Degenerate Arthritis in my neck about two 1/2 years ago. Before that I fought a stiff neck that was very painful for about 5 years. I would wake up in the morning and would not be able to turn my head. The pain from my neck has also spread down both of my arms. My hands would go numb at night. I have serve pain in both shoulders where I cannot sleep on my side. I also experience pain in my right elbow and right wrist (I was tested for carpal tunnel and that was negative). I went to a therapist and did over head traction, I saw several different doctors. If finally took a neurologist to diagnosis my neck, he prescribed medicine with a unlimited amount of refills. During these 5 - 6 years I was taking all different kinds of pain medicine. Methocarbamol, Cephalexin 500mg, Naproxen 500mg, Lodine XL 400mg. Also, taking Advil any where from 6 - 8 sometimes 10 a day. Your body builds a tolerance to medicine. Then it just doesn't work. I am currently 40 years old.

Two years ago my best friend of more than 20 years introduced me to OPC-3. It took more than 3 months before I felt any difference. I have been on OPC-3 for two years now taking any where from 2,4, 6 doses a day depending on my pain. I do not take any of the other prescribed medicine. The prescribed medicine and the Advil had also giving me stomach troubles which I am healing with the Aloe now. When my doctor diagnosed me with degenerative arthritis he also told me that I had to live with this condition and that one day I would need surgery. He told me to wait as long as possible for the surgery, sometime in my 60's. I just couldn't seeing living 20 years in this kind of pain. I was also depressed and 30 lbs over weight. I have lost 20 lbs and I am more energetic. I still have some pain but it is nothing like before. I also take vitamin C, B-12, Calcium, and Mineral Blast®.

I know I will never be completely pain free but I do feel a lot better.

Danielle Weaver




Arthritis or Degenerative Cartilage

1 took a nasty fall at my father-in-law's house and thought nothing of it because I felt no pain. However, two days later, my right knee became extremely painful and swollen. From then on I suffered constantly whether trying to sleep, work, or simply get around.

Things seemed to improve and then my left knee flared up for no apparent reason. I went to doctors three times, had x-rays, blood test, etc. They shot me up with cortisone and xylocaine and gave me pain pills and anti- inflammatory type pills. They suggested that I may have arthritis or degenerative cartilage. No matter what, I was in constant pain.

I could not sleep and could not function comfortably without pain pills. The constant pain and the favoring of my knee eventually caused both knees and ankles to hurt all the time.

Even though this stuff had been going on for seven months, I did not want my condition to deprive my wife and I of a hard earned vacation. We took off to Mexico with me hardly being able to walk. The Haywards had just introduced us to OPC-3 I started taking it when we arrived at the Hotel. I hobbled around for a few days, just taking in the sights from a bus or a cab. By the third day, I felt good enough to take the stairs to the beach. This was quite a feat. I made it down and back up. The next day I felt good enough to do it again. Even though I got caught by a killer rip tide that day (which put a strain on my bad knee), I made it up the stairs and was only a little bit stiff from the ordeal. I went up and down those stairs eight times while we were there, and I left Mexico with no pain in my knees nor ankles.

I am firmly convinced that OPC-3 was directly responsible for the turn-around in my condition where doctors and various drugs have been unsuccessful. I have been pain free since I have returned home.

John T. Haskell



Arthritis – Tendonitis -- Allergies

When I began taking OPC-3 in August, I was concerned about the effect the product would have on my baby because she was breastfed at that time. Because of this, I only took one capful each day, I did not take a loading dose. Even doing that I experienced some relief from my arthritis pain and I had more energy. Then I discussed the product with a nurse and my doctor and did some research myself and came to the conclusion that there was nothing in the OPC-3 that would hurt my baby. I immediately began taking 3 caps per day.

Not only have I experienced relief from the pain of arthritis and tendonitis, I am now allergy free. I use to have to take a prescription drug for 8 out of 12 months in the year. Even with the prescription I would develop at least one sinus infection in the spring and one in the fall.

It has been one full year now and I have had no allergy symptoms or sinus infections. I know that it is because of OPC-3 that I am pain free, allergy free, and drug free.

Kellie Jones

Reidsville, NC



Arthritis – Bad Back

I would like to tell you how pleased I am with OPC-3 and what it has done for my medical challenges. About 36 years ago I injured my right knee in a skiing accident. About 10 years later I drove a freight truck for three years. Jumping off the back of a four foot high truck deck onto my right leg about 60 times a day finally finished the knee off. I would be walking across the warehouse floor with parcels and the knee would just give out and down I would go. As the list of damaged freight grew, my chances of continued employment shrank. The doctors actually wanted to take the knee cap off and smooth the underside of it. Sounded like too much pain for me.

They told me at that time that no matter what I did I was in line for getting arthritis in my knee in about 25 years. They were exactly right. About 8 years ago the mobility in my right knee started to decrease to the point where at times I had as little as 15 % mobility in the knee and constant pain. Skiing meant taking a bottle of Tylenol with me.

Over two years ago I started taking OPC-3. Within about 6 weeks the pain was less and the mobility started to increase. I now have no pain at all and 100% mobility. I can actually bend my knee back to the point where I can touch the back of my leg with my heel. On several occasions I have been without OPC-3, either on purpose or because I ran out of supplies. In all cases my knee went back to its former condition in about three days. Within 6-8 hours of starting OPC-3 again my knee would be back to 100%.

Now, about my back that used to be "a bad back". I ruptured a disc in my lower back. The doctors wanted to operate but again that pain thing got in the way. So I opted for 7 weeks in hospital with lumbar traction treatments. My back was usable but I always had to be careful not to strain it or overwork it suddenly or it would go into those dreadful spasms. Since I started using OPC-3 I have had fewer and fewer setbacks. These spasms could lay me out for three or four days of misery.

About a month ago I started working part-time landscaping an estate. Not being used to doing this kind of work since last summer I expected to feel a little stiff the next morning. No stiffness!! The past two days I have been on the end of a very large grubhook hacking out a trench for a 3 inch irrigation line through some 500 feet of forest located on the estate. I ran into large rocks, roots, you name it. Both days I worked for 4 hours straight. The following mornings I got out of bed with absolutely no stiffness at all. I suddenly realized how far I have come with the help of OPC-3. Not the slightest sign of any stiffness , and better yet, no spasms.!!!!

Market America and OPC-3 have given me the ability to function at the level of a person much younger than myself. It feels just great to be young again. Thanks Market America.........for everything !!!!

Yours truly,

Bruce R. Brown (the newer, younger version)




I had a weak knee from tennis, golf and being overweight and walked down steps one at a time like an old man . My wife had arthritis in her knees for several years and suffered so that it took several hours each morning before she was able to begin her daily routine. She had been told by her Dr that she was a candidate for knee replacement surgery. In three days on the loading dose of OPC-3, I was able to walk down steps normally without pain. On the tenth day, my wife awoke and informed me that her knees were not stiff. We bought a second bottle of OPC-3 and before it was used, I could see the change in her knees. The redness was gone and so was the swelling.

Today we both take OPC-3 daily - I take a normal dose and she takes 3 caps. She is now taking Glucosatrin® which we hope will make surgery unnecessary.

Don Bishop, EC

Waynesville, NC



Arthritis -- Temperament

I knew it, but you just confirmed it. My husband, now 42, has had an awful time with arthritis. It began about 6 years or so ago. He had been taking a drug called Ansaid, an anti-inflammatory. The doctor told him that it was up to him--he could not take the Ansaid and hurt or he could take it, but have a chance of it causing damage to his liver in later years. It had gotten to the point that even with the Ansaid, he could not grip a screwdriver or even snap his fingers. Needless to say, a very dear friend introduced me to OPC-3. I brought the OPC-3 home and told my husband I wanted him to take it. He laughed and said, "Yeah, right, I really believe that a bunch of pine trees and some grapes are gonna fix my problem." He played around with taking it until we finally got him to sit down and take a look at the business. I told him if we were going to do this, he had to be serious about taking the product. I wanted to make sure it really worked.

Well, needless to say, that was in late July. He started cutting back on his Ansaid and after about 2 months, he was completely off of it and has been since. He is even able to snap his fingers now which he was unable to do for 5 years. He says that once something has been taken away from you, it is truly a miracle when it's given back.

We are now true believers in what OPC-3 can do for you.

Oh, yeah, during all this process I had told my husband that the OPC-3 was making him much "nicer to be around." Even my sister asked me what was going on with him. She also said he seemed happier and was not as ill-tempered as usual. Tony laughed (and still does) and told us we were crazy, but we knew better. So yes, it does help with temperament!!! I believe that, too.

Now, Tony is Local Coordinator of our area and a true believer in not only the products, but in Market America, too, because it has truly changed his life--physically and financially.

Kathy (and Tony) Edwards

Stoneville, NC




Like your friend I had intense knee pain due to two knee operations. Being a physical education teacher and coach for 32 years and on my feet constantly for 10 hours a day intensified the situation to the point that my knee swelled up every day! I was told by the medical personnel that I had arthritis; and also I had bone and joint degeneration because I was bone on bone on the medial side of my right knee. Another problem was that I was limping and causing problems in my left hip.

The last orthopedic person that I consulted gave me three choices: (1) an injection of liquid into the knee that acts like cartilage, but the doctor said that my knee was so bad that it might help a day or two, (2) a high tibial osteotomy which involved removing a piece of bone from my tibia, which would make me knock kneed instead of slightly bowlegged, or (3) a total knee replacement.

 As one can see my choices were not good at age 56! I told the doctor no thanks to any of the options and started looking for alternative cures. OPC-3 provided some relief from swelling and inflammation and vitamin C intensified the absorption, but I still needed specific relief from arthritis and chronic joint pain. I bought a case of Glucosatrin® at convention, not fully convinced, because I had tried chondroitin, glucosamine, and alfalfa before. After loading the Glucosatrin® in my system I am basically pain free in my right knee for the first time in years! I am back to a little running and a lot of walking, and I feel great! After running competitively in high school, college, and 15 marathons after that, it is great to do some running again!

Don Wann

Parkville, Md.



Arthritis – Triple Bypass – Diabetes – High Blood Pressure -- Sinus

This date makes my one year anniversary of my new lease on life, and I would like to thank you and Market America for the wonderful products you have introduced me to.

In the previous eight years, I had triple by pass surgery, subsequent angioplasty, diabetes, high blood pressure, increasing sinus problems, frequent heart palpitations, and advancement of constant arthritis pain, in my shoulders, arms, hands, and feet, especially in my feet, so I could walk only from my car to inside the mall and I would have to sit down.

My doctor had put me on Pycnogenol tablets, for three months I took them and I did not notice significant change... Then, you introduced me to OPC-3... I took a double dose as recommended daily, and within a few weeks I noticed changes little by little...First the throbbing pain in my hands and feet disappeared, next I noticed that I had not taken any sinus pills for a while and here it is a year later and I still have not had to take a pill for my sinus. OPC-3 is great. Next I noticed I could walk up a flight of stairs normally instead of one step at a time like I used to.

Before I took OPC-3 I could not open my hands to reach an octave on my piano, and had not played for over a year, but now I have no problem with my hands.

My cardiologist had started me on a physical therapy program in his rehab clinic with an ultimate goal of ten minutes on the stress walker. I could not get beyond six minutes without my leg giving out on me. After three months on OPC-3, I was now able to do ten minutes and after I rest a half hour I go back and do ten more minutes. My blood pressure has been normal for the past year and so has my blood sugar been normal. I have more energy, I can be on my feet longer, go shopping and I keep on improving. I'm almost 81 years old. I also take CoEnzyme Q10 and Oxygen Plus, daily.

Thank you Market America.

Lena Lyons



Degenerative Arthritis – Varicose Veins

OPC-3 has done wonders for me.  I have degenerative arthritis in my left ankle, right shoulder, and between the 4th and 5th vertebrae. The ankle and shoulder are from breaks (jumping out of perfectly good airplanes); my neck from a motorcycle accident.

Before OPC-3 I had difficulty in walking and could not raise my right arm up. I started taking OPC-3 to get rid of hay fever. Slowly, almost without me noticing, other things began to improve. OPC-3 is like WD-40 to my body. It took about a year for my vericose veins to start disappearing. Way before that my walking improved. Now, 2 yr. later, I can even wear heals again, something I had not done in almost 10 years.

About 15 months after I started on OPC-3, my right arm had total movement again. I had given up golfing. Now I can golf again -- my handicap is improving. Everyone is calling me a sandbagger. Ha!

OPC-3 is not a miracle cure but it is miraculous! Today, it will get rid of free radicals that accumulate today. Depending on how much the accumulation is, after it gets rid of today's radicals, it goes back to yesterday to get rid of whatever is still there. Slowly, it takes care of your past -- as quickly as it can get there.

All my friends say I look years younger and healthier now. Everyone asks how I did it! Whenever I feel like my body needs additional "oiling", I take an additional 2 capfuls at night before going to bed. What a difference it makes.

Alma Orive

Hampton, VA



Degenerative Arthritis -- Migraines

I am a nurse in Springfield, Missouri. I sustained an auto accident, resulting in multiple fractures. The end result was degenerative arthritis in my right ankle and migraine headaches almost daily.

I had tried strong anti-inflammatories and was wearing a hard plastic brace for my work. If I planned anything after work for fun I had to wear a metal brace on my right ankle. The pain was so bad that I decided to try OPC-3, introduced to me by a co-worker at the hospital. For the first 2 weeks I took the dose prescribed for my weight, then I began taking it according to the recommended daily dose. After the first bottle was gone I started a second one. One day it hit me, "I was not hurting!" I took off my brace and I still wasn't hurting!

It has been 2 months now and I have cut my anti-inflammatory medicine dosage in half. I wear an ankle support for my right ankle and I don't have any daily pain. My headaches have gone from daily to 1 or 2 monthly. This is the best supplement that I have been given. I have recommended OPC-3 to everyone I know who has chronic pain.

Thanks Market America and Rae Ann Barnes for introducing me to this fabulous supplement!

Jeanette Rapp

Springfield, Missouri



Arthritis – High Blood Pressure -- Cholesterol

For 15 years, I suffered with arthritis pain in my neck; sometimes extreme. But the pain was constant, 24 hours a day. After just three days of taking OPC-3 in March, I have been totally pain free! Nothing would have prepared me for the profound sense of relief and freedom OPC-3 has given me. It has also enabled me to bring a consistently high blood pressure down to normal limits, and to bring a cholesterol level that was over 300 down under 200! Prescription drugs were not able to accomplish this in four years!

I will take OPC-3 for the rest of my life!

Steven Baker

Greensburg, PA




Please accept this note as a testament for OPC-3, which I have been taking for about three months now. I have arthritis in my neck, causing problems with pinched nerves in my shoulders. Also the arthritis is in my lower back, resulting in back pain during the night and difficulty getting up in the morning. Since I have been using OPC-3, the pain in both areas of my spine has lessened, especially in my lower back. My sleep is more restful and getting up in the morning is definitely easier! I am convinced that the OPC-3 is greatly responsible for this improvement in my health. Although skeptical of new products, I am very happy that I starting using this one!

Fern Doucette



Rheumatoid Arthritis

We had a customer who my wife works with in a nursing facility, who’s been on the OPC now for just about 2 months, and has suffered from rheumatoid arthritis for a significantly long period of time. She’s only 31 years old. She gave us a call last week, all excited. She had just gotten back from her doctor, who could not believe that almost the entire effects of her rheumatoid arthritis have disappeared. He was so impressed, in fact, that we actually have set up a meeting to go speak with him because he definitely wants to know what she’s been taking and what she’s been doing in order to offset the effects of the rheumatoid arthritis because he just couldn’t believe it. He was absolutely amazed.

So the products do work – they work fantastic and I just wanted to pass that along to the field.

Jim Shippley

Green Bay, WI



Arthritis and Glucosatrin®

"This is Dr. Graham Jones, Family Practitioner from Medford, New Jersey. A few words about our magnificent new product, Glucosatrin®, which I hope you'll find helpful.

Glucosamine has been around for a number of years and, at the present, the vast majority of products out there have chondroitin in them. Chondroitin, which was originally intended to cooperate with the glucosamine in a way whereby cartilage would be added to the ends of the long bones, in fact, interferes with and therefore there should not be chondroitin in a product if it's to be effective. As you know, our product does not have chondroitin in it.

This (chondroitin) is often referred to as shark cartilage or chicken cartilage. In essence, though the theory was good, in practice chondroitin has been demonstrated to interfere with the effectiveness of glucosamine.

An additional point to be made and with regard to Glucosatrin, is that in order to obtain optimum blood levels of glucosamine, one needs to have glucosamine sulfate and glucosamine hydrochloride in proper proportion, which our product has. There are other products that have only glucosamine sulfate, (they) simply do not provide adequate blood levels in order to provide the healing effect of the glucosamine on the cartilage at the ends of the long bones.

Here in South Jersey, we have a group of orthopedic surgeons who have been using glucosamine for some time and they tell me that in the past year alone they had 38 patients who were scheduled to have either hip replacement or knee replacement, (end up) not needing the surgery because of the benefits of glucosamine. Their recommendation for effective treatment is 2000 mg. of glucosamine a day for men and 1500 mg. a day for women. Now, bear in mind this (dosage) is for patients with serious, severe, arthritic problems, and this (dosage) exceeds our daily recommended dose after the loading dose by about 300%.

I have patients in my office, since I have been using Glucosatrin®, who have responded beautifully and these have included people with problems other than arthritic problems, such as, a patient with carpal tunnel syndrome who had dramatic response even after a week and a half of Glucosatrin®. I, myself, have had a rotor cuff strain in the shoulder and in a period of 3 weeks, have experienced dramatic improvement in that problem using Glucosatrin®.

Another point to be made about our wonderful product is that we have in it something that makes it authentically unique. That is a naturally occurring, herbal origin, anti-inflammatory compound, which has the chemical characteristics of what is referred to as a cox-2 inhibitor, which protects the stomach. The leading prescription drug in the world today is a drug known as Celebrex, which is a cox-2 inhibitor. No other product has an anti-inflammatory included in it, and it affords additional healing momentum, in addition to pain relief. Glucosamine itself also offers some significant pain relief.

I hope these comments are helpful to you. We have a wonderful product. I, personally, think that Glucosatrin® is going to exceed OPC-3® in product popularity in our company. Time will tell, we'll see. Enjoy!"

Transcript of ATG VoiceMail Message from Dr. Graham Jones






Good morning all,

I guess we all have our OPC testimonies, but please let me add mine. I have had arthritis pain in my left ankle for about 4 years.  My father, a MA distributor for many years now, kept insisting that I take OPC’s, more for general health benefits than for arthritis.  I would take it and run out and not reorder.  I didn't make the connection to reduced pain in my ankle at first.  Last May, I went to a second look with him in Lebanon, NH and at the end of the meeting stood up to leave and nearly collapsed from the pain in my ankle.  Everyone in the room turned to me and told me to buy some OPC’s.  Well, I went back on it and have never come off it since.  Only recently, my husband (who is terribly skeptical about Market America in general and OPC in  particular) remarked that I hadn't had any pain in almost a year now.  I just smiled sweetly and told him why! Other benefits I've attributed to OPC’s:  I had pimply goose flesh on my upper arms all of my adult life.  That is now gone.  My skin is clearer, I haven't had a bad cold in a year nor have I had a sinus headache in the longest time.

Please feel free to contact me any time.  Lee Youngman (Washington, VT)

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